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MTM Sports & Cultural Village is a specific sports endeavour at the college. It is tucked in the small village of Veliyancode and brings you the best-in-class sports and fitness facilities for an active and healthy life. It intends to provide a platform to enrich the community by bringing them together and planning a vibrant array of activities and shared interests. MTM Sports & Cultural Village aims to be a melting pot of sports competitions, cultural events, and celebrations led by the members. The Village is 3 acres of the facility with all the outdoor and indoor sports facilities, cafes, library, auditorium, kids’ areas, and freedom to organise events of the members’ taste and interests.

Playing or engaging in sports and games builds many skills in a student like teamwork, leadership, self-confidence, health and fitness consciousness, time management, etc. Other than these qualities, student succeeds in developing the ability of thinking in critical situations.  A good sports facility in the college will conduct a message to the visitors that, the college is diligent and dedicated to providing a friendly and healthy environment for the students. So we provide advanced facilities in sports by establishing specialized areas for Cricket Nets, Tennis Court, Badminton Court, Volley Ball Court (Beach Volleyball), Football Turf, Cricket Turf, Basketball Court, and Swimming Pool in the total campus premise.