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Film Club

Films are one of the most appealing media for the common masses. Films and motion pictures play a vital role in influencing people by entertaining and inspiring them. The film industry is so massive that it ensures a wide range of career opportunities for people. Films often play a significant role in education as a learning tool as well. The Film Club of MTM College strives for a world in which enlightenment, knowledge, and tolerance prevail. We believe film as an art form has the power to bridge cultures and illuminate the universality of the human experience.
The club was able to spot many directors, photographers, artists, and actors brimming with creativity and energy. As such, the club aims to give them proper training and send them to participate in the various inter-collegiate short film, photography, and fine arts competitions. The members of the Film Club firmly believe in getting students and peers together to collectively enjoy watching films and strive towards making the process of screening movies fun and pleasurable experience.

Our Mission

To promote and further the appreciation of motion-picture/film through watching and engaging in films.

Our Vision

To provide a space to engage in the art of film and motion picture. We hope to spark curiosity within the stories woven into one of the biggest forms of media.  Ultimately, our goal is to open up the table for a film to become a catalyst for creative expression.


  1. To enrich, educate, entertain, initiate cultural dialogue, and celebrate cinematic excellence in any language. 
  2. To create a community of student filmmakers and film lovers and provide fun activities and events, such as showings of movies and festivals for students.
  3. To explore and encourage debate around social, political, cultural, and representational issues in a wide range of world cinema.
  4. To encourage discussion of cinematic techniques and filmic approaches in individual films and groups of films.
  5. To arrange film festivals, seminars, and intercollegiate short film competitions in the coming years.
  6. To provide theoretical and technical training to the students who are interested in pursuing a career in the film industry.
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