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Energy Conservation Cell

About the Club

Energy Conservation Cell is one which aims at creating a more secure future from the point of view of energy needs. The members of the cell strive to generate awareness regarding the necessity to shift focus on the conservation of energy and the cell has also various programs to create awareness among the students and staff of our college. The cell tries to make the students and general public aware of the grave present scenario and how wastage of energy should be considered almost a cardinal sin. It seeks to find out methods to reduce energy consumption. The Cell encourages the use of more ‘Green Energy’ and limits the use of fossil fuels. The cell members create awareness about conducting the energy audit to find wastage of energy and in finding opportunities for energy conservation. The cell started functioning in the year 2021 and it is progressing leaps and bounds and hopes to continue doing so for years to come.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make the students aware and committed to the cause of energy conservation and environment protection.

Our Vision

To make students aware of the need, concept and methodology of energy conservation and its benefits to the individual, society and nation as a whole by regularly organizing programmes like write-ups, talks, seminars, workshops etc.


  1. To reduce the wastage of energy in the college.
  2. To create awareness among the staff and students about the need for energy conservation.
  3. To harness the environment-friendly RE sources and enhance their contribution to socio-economic development.
  4. To create public awareness and involve users/local community along with capacity building in establishing, operating and managing RE projects.
  5. To support efforts for developing, demonstrating and commercializing new and emerging technologies in the RE sector.
  6. To reduce monthly energy costs.
  7. To decrease energy consumption and loss, to increase energy utilization efficiency.
  8. To extend the usage of renewable energy resources.
  9. To prioritize renewable energy systems in the buildings to be built newly.
  10. To implement the measures for energy conservation & realization of savings.
Club In Charge

Assistant Professor


Assistant Professor

Ms. . Hasna Sherin K

Student Coordinator

Mr. Mohammed Shinan K.

Student Coordinator

Energy Conservation Cell Activities

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